A Land Divided

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A Land Divided

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The League of Italian States coalesced in 1848 in response to the rising tide of agitation that swept across Europe. This springtime of nations failed to dramatically alter the landscape in most countries it affected; the Paris Revolution was swiftly put down by French police, similar uprisings across Europe were quickly dealt with, and life soon returned to normal.

In the Italian peninsula things were less brief, and the shockwaves caused by the Doge’s flight from Venice with a mob at his heels, the short lived but violent Florentine Commune, and Garibaldi’s abortive march on Rome had a profound effect on the established rulers.

League of Italian States Hasta Class Heavy Bomber

You can read more about the history of the League of Italian States and Garibaldi’s struggle for a united Italy by downloading the PDF below. You will also find more renders and information on the new League of Italian States boxed sets heading your way in February.

A Land Divided [PDF, 1.6MB]

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