A Bumper September!

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A Bumper September!

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Huge September Release From Spartan Games!

Spartan Games is proud to announce the release of ELEVEN new products this September, covering Dystopian Legions, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars.

We bring you two Rulebooks, a fantastic two player starter set, a new alliance fleet of spaceships, a Dystopian Wars Alliance Nation expands its war effort, and we also unleash a ROBOT DRAGON!

Read on for more details…


Codename Iron Scorpion
(Dystopian Legions Two Player Starter Set)
Set in the hot sands of North Africa, our new Dystopian Legions Starter Set is crammed full of models and scenery. And when we say crammed… we mean crammed. 40 highly detailed models and modular scenery accompany our new full colour Version 2.0 Dystopian Legions Rulebook.

The ideal springboard for two players wishing to immerse themselves in the world of Dystopian Legions. Both forces act as a superb way of starting to build your Legions tabletop Platoon.


Let’s take a closer look at what you get in this amazing box:

Covenant of Antarctica Forces
21 CoA Models: 6 x Commandos, 10 x Automata Robots, 1 x Monique Dubois Scientist, 1 x Officer, 3 x Drone Skimmers and Flight Stands.

République of France Forces
19 French Models: 6 x Armoured Marines, 8 x Legionnaires, 1 x Legion HMG team (2 figures & Gun), 1 x Veronique Dubois Medic, 1 x Officer.

1 x large, multi-part HDF ruined building complex and Battlefield Objectives.

Other Materials
1 x Full Colour Rulebook.
1 x A5 Scenario Book that allows players to re-enact the tense struggle between the forces in Codename Iron Scorpion.
Dice, Templates and Tokens Sheets.

And as if that wasn’t enough! Our first boxed sets sold will include a superb, limited edition Covenant War Master Maximillian Schneider miniature and custom base AND two stunning prints of the Dubois Sisters. But act quickly, this deal is only on the first orders for this exciting Two Player Boxed Set.


Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook
Having already established a range of high quality miniatures, it was time to deliver a core set of rules that hammered home just how exciting Platoon level action can be in a Dystopian Wars world. With version 2.0 of the Legions game rules we’ve created a more streamlined engine, added improved army lists and force building, enhanced command and control, new Ironclad rules, and set the scene for fun Platoon level gaming.


Head over to the online store to pre-order your Codename Iron Scorpion and Dystopian Legions Core Rulebook today:
Codename Iron Scorpion
Core Rulebook


Veydreth Patrol Fleet
The Veydreth are a race of brutal raiders, native to Muishkin’s Rift in the galactic southern regions of Terran Alliance space. They are large, powerful creatures, fearsome in appearance and nicknamed ‘Star Dragons’ by early Terran explorers.


Veydreth Gunship Group
The Onslaught Class Gunship is the Veydreth’s answer to pack hunting. Fielded in Squadrons of 2-3 vessels, this craft is designed to bring the enemy to its knees using lightning fast ambush techniques.


Veydreth Cruiser Group
Cruisers of this race tend to come in two forms: the heavy-hitting Carnivore Class or the devastating Stalker Assault Carrier which, as the name implies, is designed to board and destroy enemy vessels from within.


Head over to the online store today to preorder your Firestorm Armada reinforcements and take the fight to the enemy today!

Veydreth Patrol Fleet
Veydreth Gunship Group
Veydreth Cruiser Group


Chinese Federation Alliance Nation Update
Admiral Edition Core Rulebook

The Chinese Federation has always been one of the larger Alliance Nations in Dystopian Wars but, as the World War escalates, so the Emperor has commanded his Generals to strike out, showing the world the true power of this oriental giant.

A such, new Naval forces have been created, Defensive groups look to defend the homeland, Armoured forces roll across battlefields, Aerial forces harass the enemy and, perhaps most terrifying of all, the new Suppression Groups strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Chinese Federation Naval Battle Group
As the Dao Class Cruisers, Yue Destroyers and Nu Class Frigates form up around their Jian Class Battleship, a Chinese Federation fleet takes the appearance of a castle floating on the high-seas. Hulls plated in armour of extraordinary resilience, sacrificing speed in favour of incredible durability, the fleet advances on the enemy.


Chinese Federation Armoured Battle Group
With its seas and air protected, the Imperial Armies of the Emperor are now striking out with vast armoured forces that crush all before them. Central to an Armoured Battle Group is the Shénlóng Land Assault Carrier with its complement of 18 Small Air Wings (SAW) – but this is only the beginning of this nation’s ground dominance. Next up we have the Shi Medium Robots; modelled on ceremonial ‘Temple Dogs’, these robotic beasts tear the enemy apart with tooth and claw. The Chao Feng Bombards and Chiwen Medium Tanks provide the Medium Support to their larger cousins, whilst the Yazi Small Tanks and Fúshī Small Robots (modelled on ancient
he face of the enemy.


Chinese Federation Aerial Battle Group
The Emperor’s Aerial forces anchor around the Feilong Sky Fortress, a true feat of oriental engineering. The Feilong is a Massive Class model and on the battlefield its imposing size is only matched by its serene elegance.


Chinese Federation Defence Group
The Chinese Federation’s Zhanmadao Class Dreadnoughts are a wondrous sight to behold – sprawling castles bedecked in oriental decoration, held high above the earth or waves on thrumming repulsion engines. All are fitted with the innovative Jiu Long Bi generator, creating a wall of energy that stretches between the two Dun Class Floating Bastions, providing Chinese Fleet Commanders not only with immense firepower, but protection for their other vessels.


Chinese Federation Suppression Group
Chinese Federation Generals were the first to coin the term ‘Suppression Groups’ in military actions, and the name was initially used to describe the punishing combination of a Tiān Lóng Armoured Dragon Robot and Liuxang Class Air Bombards.The Dragon can literally rain down destruction using Flame and Rockets before grabbing larger prey in a vice like grip that spells death to the Emperor’s enemies.


Admiral Edition Core Rulebook
The Dystopian Wars 2.0 ‘Admiral Edition’ Rulebook heralds major enhancements to our highly successful Victorian Super Science Fiction game. Delivered in a softback finish, this full colour book is designed for gamers to slip into their gaming bags, giving them easy access to the core rules engine. This version of the Rulebook was previously only available inside the Operation Shadow Hunter boxed set.


To get your hands on these, go to:
Admiral Edition Core Rulebook
Chinese Federation Aerial Battle Group
Chinese Federation Armoured Battle Group
Chinese Federation Naval Battle Group
Chinese Federation Defender Group
Chinese Federation Suppression Group