A Bridge in the Balance

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A Bridge in the Balance

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TempleCon 2013 (1st - 3rd February)

TempleCon 2013 (1st – 3rd February)

Johnston Island . . . the lynchpin for the Pacific Crossing . . . a mere flyspeck on the rolling waters of the South China Sea. This diminutive outcrop of rock, rising from the turquoise waters where it has sat unmolested for hundreds of years, a neglected way station of the Prussian Empire. But all this is set to change.

With the advent of Element 270 the world has now focused its attentions on this unimportant rock. Now Johnston Island has become a battleground as the world’s powers bring their military might to bear on it.

Small infantry forces land, protected by the fastest ships their nations can muster, as the Great Powers struggle to control the island in the face of their rivals, both wary allies and bitter enemies alike. The key to holding the island lies with the only two bridges that cross the River Steinen, dividing the island in half. Only by holding these bridges can any nation claim to hold the island, and thus challenge the Federated States of America’s monopoly of the Pacific Crossing.

Join the D6 Generation and The Warstore at TempleCon on Saturday, February 2nd, in Warwick Rhode Island, as we decide the fate of this tiny little island.

Click here to view the map [PDF, 500KB]

Countless players contesting across two beautiful gaming tables will struggle to control the bridges, and thus alter the destiny of the world. On one table Dystopian Wars naval forces of the Four Great Powers will vie with each other, faced with desperate decisions from one turn to the next. Should they focus on the enemy fleets? Land reinforcements? Shell enemy forces on the island? The fate of this island will depend on the military prowess of Templecon attendees…

Meanwhile, on Johnston Island, infantry, cavalry, and small support tanks move through the half-ruined old town at the center of the island in an attempt to take and hold the two bridges in a massive game of Dystopian Legions. But enemy ground forces are not their only concern, as massive barrages from off-shore and even devastating bombing runs from above may fall at any moment, bringing the best made plans to ruin.

We will be launching this massive Mega Battle Saturday evening, around 6pm, at the Warstore’s TempleCon location. We have an exciting array of prizes and models to giveaway to those that visit our stand so please do come by, join the fun and see the newest offering from Spartan Games come to life in a dramatic Battle Royale. We will have all the models needed to play the game. All you need to bring is yourself and a bloodthirsty wish to embarrass all foes as you fight to seize your destiny.